Making the most of the rest of your life

Making the most of the rest of your life
Timothy Alford
16 November, 2007 1 min read

John Chapman wrote this in his 75th year while living in an Australian retirement home, but the long title to his short book is a challenge to people whatever their age. The large print will be helpful to readers whose sight is no longer what it was, but the book deserves to be read by everyone regardless of their optical needs! Not even children know how much of this life is left to them, so making the most of it is of vital interest to us all.

But if there is life after death, is it possible to prepare for it? Concentrating on the certainty of eternal life, the book consists of five chapters written in clear, persuasive and authoritative style. Few people today know how to handle death, so a book that addresses issues such as life beyond the grave – and describes the new creation and who gets to go there – really is a timely publication.

I found the book totally engrossing and enriching. This was not simply because I will soon reach the author’s age, but because it makes the future so attractive for those ready to face it. In one chapter the author navigates us through the Gospel of Mark, stopping off at certain points in the life and ministry of Jesus to describe what the new creation will be like. I found this fascinating and appealing.
Believers who are unsure or unclear about what lies ahead will really be helped by this book. Unbelievers who are unprepared for the future ought to read it too. Here is a valuable resource for churches wanting to warn and prepare their congregations and communities for the eternal world.

I am unreservedly enthusiastic about getting this book into everybody’s hands. Do get more than one copy. We are living in the last times and this book is for everybody because everybody has a future.

Timothy G. Alford

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