Marriages Are Made in Heaven

Marriages Are Made in Heaven
Alan Pallister
Alan Pallister
27 May, 2021 1 min read

Are marriages really made in heaven? What about the many couples who ask for pastoral advice, saying they married the wrong person?

If they are Christians, they would probably agree that marriage is made in heaven. But they wouldn’t accept the more specific assertion of this book’s title: they feel quite sure that theirs wasn’t…

Revd Steve Donald, in this warm and endearing book, engages with key theological issues – especially divine sovereignty and human responsibility – in simple, practical terms, and always with a deep grasp of scriptural teaching.

In Christ (he says to those who may be contemplating divorce) we come to realise: ‘I did not marry the wrong person; I am the wrong person. And Christ will help me to become the right person.’

It is a delight to read how Steve met his wife Gloria, and how they have been used together in 32 years of pastoral ministry. The author doesn’t hide the problems they sometimes faced and worked through together.

He also tells the story of a fine historical marriage – that of John and Mary Newton – and the stories of more recent Christian workers who enjoyed the gift of singleness: Revd John Stott and Miss Frances Whitehead.

In the last chapter he lifts our eyes to heaven, where precious relationships with those who share in our resurrection will continue, but will be transformed. Marriage there will be so much better!

I highly recommend this book. Why not give a copy to a couple who are planning their marriage? Or even to a couple in distress, who feel that their marriage was just a human mistake.

Alan Pallister


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