Ministry in Moldova (2)

Ministry in Moldova (2)
Donald Morrison
Donald Morrison Missionary with the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).
01 July, 2015 4 min read

The following report (begun in ET, June 2015) was sent by Donald J. Morrison, a Free Church (Continuing) evangelist based in Inverness, following a recent 10-day missionary trip to Moldova in Eastern Europe.

Nearly four years ago, one large Moldavian family was dealt a tragic blow, when the head of the home passed away, leaving a widowed wife (Ekaterina Giok, a devoted Christian) and eight small children. Their lives together were toppled upside down after Vasilli (48) lost his battle with cancer.

His devastating loss brought much anguish and heartache to the family, although they knew that the death of a precious husband and devoted father was for him the gateway to glory, ‘to be with Christ, which is far better’.

Being already a poverty-stricken family, it was a great joy to take them under our wings and provide for them, with the help of sympathetic supporters, as best as we could. Their needs at the time, to say the least, were dire.

New house

It was obvious that one of their greatest needs was to replace their old dilapidated house. During my recent visit, the new house project was completed.

Needless to say the project has taken their breath away and they are absolutely delighted with their brand new home. The family is deeply humbled by the overwhelming goodness of God and the generous contributions of the many people who remembered them.
With tears in her eyes, Ekaterina said, ‘God’s hand built this palace for us. Our need was so great, but God has provided for us, more than we could have ever imagined.

‘Please tell everyone who supported us that we have big hearts for them all. Give them our Christian love and assure them that my five boys, three girls and I are thankful to the Lord for all their kindness and compassion.

‘We can never forget what people we have never seen or don’t know have done for us. It is truly humbling’.

It was touching to see the respect and love the children have for their mother. Without exception, they are all well-mannered and disciplined, and bear the hallmarks of being well nurtured in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

With eight children to look after, mum has her hands full, but she bears the evidence of being remarkably upheld after her sore and heavy loss. It was heart-warming to witness spiritual things given high priority in the family, as they sung, prayed and worshipped God together. It was a joy to behold.

Having, in many ways, become a father-figure to them, they are now wondering when they can come (yes, all of them!) on holiday to Scotland — with Donald (Help!!).


There is one heart-breaking story that I must share with you for your prayerful interest. The story is about a brave, happy and courageous nine-year-old girl, called Mihaela, living on the outskirts of Cahul, with her mum, brother and sister.

Like every other youngster of her age, she lived a very active life, until October 2013 when, after complaining of severe head pains, she was taken to the doctors on a couple of occasions, before being referred to a specialist.

After various investigations she was diagnosed, two months later in December, with a malignant brain tumour. The family, as you would expect, were devastated and feared the worst. Mihaela immediately underwent a gruelling course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, before being operated on at the capital city hospital in Chisinau.

While the operation successfully removed her tumour, sadness and sorrow were soon to follow. This chapter in Mihaela’s life was shortly afterwards followed by a desperately tragic one.

While recovering in hospital, eagerly waiting to get home and back to school, Mihaela became blind and deaf overnight, and lost all sensation in her arms and legs. I could hardly believe what I was hearing about this special girl.

Instead of going home, she had to be detained in hospital for another lengthy period, for doctors to get to the root problem. Despite several investigations and therapies, there was nothing that the doctors, who were completely perplexed by what happened, could do for her. They feared she would be blind and deaf and without any sensation for life.

Strange providence

Little, however, did these doctors appreciate the words of a far greater Physician, who says, ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord’.

Shortly before my visit in October, Mihaela was discharged from hospital. As she was driven back home, something extraordinary happened in the ambulance: her hearing (although not her sight) came 100 per cent back! ‘The things which are impossible with men are possible with God’.

Despite the strange and tragic providence in this young girl’s life, she is neither disgruntled nor bitter with God. She is amazingly cheery and happy: ‘My trust’, she told me, ‘is in God alone. He knows best why all this should happen to me. I love the Lord very much, even though I cannot see.
‘I pray to him that he will give me my sight back and all my feelings. I still hope I might be able to go back to school and ride my bicycle’.

There were many things she missed, including not being able to read her Bible. This has now been resolved, as I was able to obtain a ‘Talking Bible’ in Romanian, which she can listen to at the press of a button.

Other essential needs were met as well. Please remember Mihaela in your prayers, believing that God ‘is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think’, for this very special, yet needy, girl.

Donald Morrison
Missionary with the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).
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