Missionary Spotlight

Nat Rodgers
01 May, 2005 1 min read

A most unusual postman

by Nat Rodgers

We had stopped on our travels in the west of Norway to have some refreshments at a restaurant in the heart of Telemark, at a place called Morgedal — famous in Norway as being the place where modern skiing was invented.

Outside the restaurant, we noticed a young postman sitting at a bench taking his morning break. What was so unusual was that he was also reading his Bible. In over 20 years here in Norway, this is the first time we have experienced such a thing!

We introduced ourselves and discovered that Kjartan was preparing himself for full-time service here in Norway. His humble attitude and gracious manner reflected the spirit of the Master. In our conversation it was a delight to discover that his conviction of the authority of the Scriptures was the pre-eminent factor from his study of the Word of God. He was deeply concerned that his generation in Norway knew very little, if anything, of the inspiration of Scripture and its teaching for today — hence his burden to preach the truths of the Bible.

How much do Kjartan and others like him, seeking to bring the Word of God to the lost in Norway, need our prayers!


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