Missionary Spotlight – A day in the life ‘

Alison Heyworth
01 January, 2009 1 min read

A day in the life ‘

Jenny is a CCM social worker and is responsible for about 70 children from CCM’s Educational Assistance Programme. This helps to provide uniforms, shoes, books and an allowance for children from the slums so they can go to school.

During a typical day, Jenny will visit a slum area to see one of the families for whom CCM is providing support. This may involve squeezing down dark, wet alleyways and climbing steep, wobbly ladders into rooms made of corrugated iron and wood. The purpose of these visits is to talk with the family, follow up any absences from school, check if anyone in the family is ill and pray with them.

Jenny will also give them the monthly allowance for fees and transport to school, provided the child has shown the monthly attendance sheet and report card. If additional educational costs are required, the family can apply to the reimbursement fund.

On her return to the CCM office, Jenny might write a report for a sponsor, detailing the progress of a child or an initial report for a new sponsor, introducing them to the child.

Often, after finishing school, a child will drop into the office and Jenny will help them write to their sponsor. Jenny will translate it into English and send both copies to the sponsor.

If a letter has been received from a sponsor, Jenny will help the child translate and understand it. Nearer to Christmas (a very busy time), groups of children will visit the office and make cards for their sponsors together. In 2007, some staff left, which meant an increased workload for the remaining social workers. Please pray that God would give them enthusiasm, patience and strength for the work.

Alison Heyworth

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