Fact File – Singapore

Fact File – Singapore
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 March, 2001 1 min read

Area: 247 square miles.

Environment: Singapore has a tropical climate, with high humidity and frequent thunderstorms. It is mainly low-lying.

Population: 4.1 million

Life expectancy: Male 77, female 83.

Ethnic groups: Chinese 77%, Malay 15%, Indian 4%, others (including Eurasian) 4%.

Official languages: Mandarin (Chinese), English, Malay and Tamil.

Literacy: 91%.

Economy: ‘Singapore is blessed with a highly developed and successful free-market economy, a remarkably open and corruption-free business environment, stable prices, and the fifth highest per capita GDP in the world’ (CIA World Factbook).

Singapore has few land resources but is a major seaport and financial centre. It trades with USA, the Far East and Europe. Exports include rubber and petroleum products, machinery, electronic equipment and chemicals.

Religions: Chinese religions 51%, Muslim (mainly Malays and Indians) 15%, Protestant 9%, Roman Catholic 6%, Hindu 4%, non-religious and others 15%.

Protestant denominations: Methodist, Assemblies of God, Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Bible Presbyterian, Christian Brethren, Lutheran, and Evangelical Free Churches.

ET staff writer
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