Missionary Spotlight – Philippines; the William Carey School of Theology – Janet Billson

Janet Billson
01 August, 2006 2 min read

The WCST has its first graduates! These are the first-fruits of a work begun in October 2001 when four men travelled to the Philippines to launch this project for the Lord. Born out of prayer, the school was created to train spiritual leaders – men who would shape churches and influence nations.

Responding to an invitation from Warlito Monsalud, president of the Conservative Bible Believer Ministers’ Fellowship, Dr Bob Penhearow and his team of lecturers began to prepare students in the Philippines for their Diploma in Theology.

The first twelve graduated in May 2006 after five years of diligent study. There was a sense of excitement as they testified to the Lord’s blessing through their study of his Word. God has been pleased to open their eyes to the doctrines of grace. Even while they studied, he has led many of them to become church planters, and they have laboured faithfully in different areas of the Philippines, from Iloilo to the jungle.

Biblical approach

Ray Tibbs, who lectured on the Book of Revelation writes, ‘I made it clear at the outset that my presentation would be from a biblical and not a systematic perspective and therefore I would not touch on some areas of interest to them.

‘Hardly any of the students had encountered an amillennial position before, and that prompted many questions. They were always respectful and apparently open-minded, but some clearly remained unconvinced!

‘The students’ zeal and eagerness to learn remained unabated. Warlito provides outstanding and exemplary leadership, ably supported by his wife and a board of other pastors. The WCST has clearly reached a milestone in its development with this first graduation. Once again, I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this ministry and continue to pray for the blessing of God upon every part of it’.


Bob Penhearow teaches Old Testament. Braving 40ºC temperatures and high humidity, he instructed and challenged students through studies of the prophets. One wrote, ‘It was indeed a week of breaking hearts to all pastors who attended and they were filled with awe and reverence, knowing the holiness of our true God revealed through the prophets. To him be the glory!’

The Word of God is active, more powerful than a two-edged sword. As WCST students have learnt and grown in grace, they have desired increasingly to share the gospel with others.

The practical outworking of the solid theological education they have enjoyed has included church planting, support for other students, and a new and separate ministry for widows, orphans and the sick (Glory Grace International Ministries).

Please pray that God would continue to bless WCST students, lecturers, field co-ordinators and president Dr Bob Penhearow. Pray that the Lord will lead the way as we continue to train spiritual leaders for the glory of God.

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