Missionary Spotlight – Spain – Features

Missionary Spotlight – Spain – Features
Madrid, Spain
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 September, 1997 1 min read

Country of 194,960 sq. miles in south west Europe, bounded by France and Portugal.

Mountain ranges include the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada.

Capital:Madrid (4.2 million). Other major cities: Barcelona (2.6 million), Seville (680,000) and Valencia (800,000).

Overseas territories include the Balearic and Canary Islands and enclaves in North Africa.

There are Catalan and Basque separatist movements.

Economy: The last two decades of tourism and industry, together with integration into the EU, have lifted Spain out of economic stagnation. Exports include fruit, vegetables, wine, olive oil, fish, iron ore and a variety of manufactured goods.

Population: 40 million. Spanish 91.6%; Basque 5.7%; Gypsy 1.6%; foreign, including North African and Latin American, 1.1%.

Religions: Roman Catholic 78%; non-religious and sects 20%; Muslims 0.5%; Jews 0.03% (15,000); ‘Protestant’ 0.89%; other religions 0.58%.

ET staff writer
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