More Love – Elizabeth Prentiss

More Love – Elizabeth Prentiss
Sarah Woollin Sarah lives with her husband, David, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
13 March, 2019 1 min read

More Love is a short biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, though Williams uses her imagination to embellish the story by inserting conversations into the narrative. It is one of the Trailblazers books for children (8-14 years of age) but adults can enjoy them too! I was excited to review this as I had recently read Stepping Heavenward (1869) written by Prentiss, and her wonderful hymn ‘More Love to Thee’.

Elizabeth, born in Maine in the 1800s to a Congregational pastor and wife, also married a pastor. She had a life that was filled with adversity due to sickness and the death of family members; but this book stresses that through these troubles Elizabeth turned to God. In a simple way, Williams reminds us through Elizabeth’s life that we are to trust God in the bad times and the good. We are to walk and talk with him.

Through her journal entries, we can see that Elizabeth knew she was not perfect. Williams reveals that she sometimes struggled to submit to God’s will and grumbled. When she was young her mother commented that Elizabeth was ‘prone to ingratitude’ (p.20). This makes the book more balanced.

Throughout the book we see that Elizabeth’s life was one of prayer and finding joy in the small things, such as the birds and washing dishes!

At the end of the book, there is a section to help apply the biblical principles addressed, to our own lives, along with challenges. This is very helpful and at an appropriate level for the audience in mind. There is also a timeline that the reader can refer to for clarity. I would highly recommend this book.

Sarah Woollin

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sarah lives with her husband, David, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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