My Sunflower Girl

My Sunflower Girl
Jenny Love
21 November, 2019 1 min read

This is a heartfelt but reflective account of events leading to the death of Dyfan Williams’s 10-year-old daughter Megan, and the subsequent slow road to recovery.

The reader is invited to walk with him and Caroline through their personal valley of death as he recounts Megan’s 10 days in hospital before she was taken from them and their younger children. Dyfan honestly shares how he and Caroline have learnt to live with grief, pain and loss. Their story of recovery comes through the tender care of family, friends and a rock solid church family as well as the Lord himself.

Megan’s death meant personal wrestling with the mystery of suffering. We are allowed into Dyfan’s tussles with the raw emotions of pain and sorrow, and his struggles to make sense of Megan’s short life in the inevitability and futility of death. His account is so helpful because there are no textbook platitudes, but rather his personal testimony of how the God of all comfort has helped them through.

This book will help you to understand other people’s grief, and weep with them rather than offering glib answers. It is a triumph of faith in the crucible of affliction, as Dyfan proves God’s kindness to them despite the deep wounds of loss and grief. It is thoughtfully written with carefully chosen poems interwoven, which give poignancy and depth to the narrative.

This book is hard to put down once you pick it up. It will move you deeply, strengthen your faith and point you back to the Lord and future glory. But be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. You may need a box of tissues to hand and it is worth a second read for greater impact. It is highly recommended.

Jenny Love


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