News – ACERI Conference 2007

Gerry Brienza
01 January, 2008 1 min read

ACERI Conference 2007

The Association of Italian Reformed Evangelical Churches (ACERI) met together in Sicily for its 5th International Conference in early November. As in previous years, the conference centre was located in the south west of Sicily, in the seaside village of Siculiana Marina.

Churches represented included those from southern Italy and Sicily. Pastors Pietro Lorefice, Antonio De Noia and Vito Tangorra led the services and the guest preacher was Daniel Webber, Director of the European Missionary Fellowship. Pastor Reno Ulfo of Caltanissetta also participated. The conference theme was ‘Reasons for faith’.

Daniel Webber preached on three apologetics issues – Can we be sure that there is a God? Why does God permit suffering? What happens to those who have never heard of Christ? These were profound questions, yet his approach was straightforward and helpful.

ACERI has as its motto ‘fellowship and service’, and this is precisely its function. ACERI provides fellowship for hard pressed, faithful Italian believers and serves Italian churches with good reformed evangelical books.

There have been encouraging developments, including links with Pentecostal believers drawn to reformed teaching. There is still much to do, that the church in Italy may be led into an ever greater understanding of God’s Word.

Gerry Brienza

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