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Paul Huxley
01 May, 2010 2 min read

Awake, O church!

A startling wake-up call was given to hundreds of Christians who gathered at a Christian Concern for Our Nation’s (CCFON) rally in March.

Together with its sister organisation the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) and Connections, the organisation called on churches to speak out against the political tide washing against Christians.

The UK’s church, passive and speaking with several different voices, has become weak. The ‘Arise O Church, Awake’ conference in London called on Christians to take action and act in unity so that the Government can hear the church’s message loud and clear.

Baroness Cox described some threats to this nation, including to the rights and freedom of Christian believers, and how those involved in militant Islam are targeting the UK. She explained how Christians have been undermined in various countries, such as Nigeria and the Sudan.

CCFON director Andrea Minichiello Williams, described ways in which the UK’s Christian heritage is being and has been eroded. Starting from the legalisation of abortion in the 1960s, when the sanctity of human life was first removed from British law, she catalogued the steady downward moral path to the present day, where we now have almost 200,000 abortions a year and increasing pressure to liberalise assisted suicide.

Take action

Minichiello Williams introduced three people who have been defended by the CLC after being suspended or sacked just for mentioning Christ in the workplace.

Ade Omooba has been involved in many cases of social action by churches in this country over the years and gave some insights into the positive contributions Christians can make in their communities. He advised churches to see what skills they have, match them to local needs, and then offer their services to their communities.

Dr Louise Brown explained how Parliament operates and the stages through which legislation has to pass. She outlined where changes to laws can be made as they pass through the Lords and Commons. Christians should be aware of what is going on and take action by contacting their MPs or members of the Lords; we can make a real difference.

The conference was not a political meeting. Throughout the day there were times of prayer, over the different issues raised by speakers, led by the Connections team. We are in a David versus Goliath situation, but note who won that battle!

CCFON and CLC need the church’s support in prayer so that battles are won ‘in the heavenlies’. The spirit that rules our nation needs to be overcome for Christ and only God can do that.

Paul Huxley

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