News – ‘Boring, irrelevant, untrue?’

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 October, 2009 0 min read

‘Boring, irrelevant, untrue?’

This was the title of Stopsley Baptist Church’s first evangelistic talk, as part of its town-wide, outreach suppers in Luton. The town, which obtained notoriety recently for its race riots and hostility towards soldiers returning from active service, is in desperate need of the gospel, according to Christians in the area.

The church’s first such gathering had live Christian music and a talk entitled ‘Christianity: boring, irrelevant, untrue?’

Many attendees were reached with the gospel, some of whom had never been to an evangelistic event before. The witness in past years has seen some people come to faith in Christ, while many other contacts have been made with previously unreached people.

ET staff writer
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