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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 August, 2009 1 min read

Chinese challenges

The Chinese church is facing significant development issues that are hindering the spread of the gospel.

News reports from Pray for China reveal that despite more than 1000 graduates from eighteen theological seminaries going out to Chinese mission fields each year, there are huge areas of rural land unreached by the gospel.

Low wages, poor infrastructure, suboptimal working conditions and a lack of trained preachers are holding back the development of Chinese churches, the report claims.

Providing ministry for the disabled is also difficult, as churches seem to have shown little ability or concern for reaching out to those marginalised by society. Local customs and superstitions are hard to break through, while nurturing ministries are spread thinly across the estimated 70 per cent of professing Chinese Christians living in hard-to-reach regions.

Pray for China asks for prayer support, as the fields are white to the harvest but the workers are still so few.

ET staff writer
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