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Sue Payne
01 September, 2007 1 min read

Creation study in Barnstaple

Saturday 2 June at Whiddon Valley Evangelical Church, Barnstaple, was spent considering the greatness and goodness of God. Prof Stuart Burgess spoke on the marvels of creation, under the titles of: ‘The origin and purpose of beauty’; ‘The design and origin of man’; and ‘The design argument’. As a lecturer in engineering design at Bristol University and a designer of spacecraft systems, he is well qualified to speak on design.
As Prof Burgess explained, evolutionists are unable to find a satisfactory reason for widespread beauty in nature; and yet God in his goodness gives us abundant beauty wherever we look.
Examples of ‘beauty for beauty’s sake’ are found in the intricate design of a peacock’s feather and in bird song. Many scientists admit that even if all the data points to an intelligent designer, they will not accept such a hypothesis because it is not naturalistic! But, nevertheless, all points to a merciful Creator.
Man, the product of intelligent design, is a little below the angels; not a little above the beasts! Certain features set him apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. He possesses an upright stature, has skilful hands and is able to perform complicated tasks. He conveys emotions through a great variety of facial expressions and is able to communicate using intricate language.
Throughout the day, Prof Burgess reminded his audience that the beauty and design we observe reveal God’s power, wisdom and mercy, and show us that man is accountable to God.
Our duty is to repent and seek the Lord: ‘O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker’ (Psalm 95:6).

Sue Payne

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