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Richard Peskett
01 March, 2009 1 min read

Downe Baptist Church

There will be many celebrations held around the country this year to mark the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Born on 12 February 1809, he published his renowned work Origin of the Species in 1859. 2009 also marks the 150th anniversary of his book, claimed by many to be the most influential ever written.

Charles Darwin lived the last forty years of his life in Downe, a small village in Kent.

Downe Baptist Church (DBC) is hoping to use the interest in Darwin to direct the attention of local people to Jesus Christ – the one through whom and for whom all things were created. Dr John Peet will be speaking at a series of four meetings, hosted by DBC, on such topics as: ‘Questions Darwin had’, ‘Accident or design?’ and ‘Am I bovvered? Does it matter what we believe?’

Darwin was a gifted natural historian and plant physiologist, as well as a respected benefactor in the village. The aim of the meetings is not to discredit the person, but to examine the beliefs and assumptions of Darwinism.

Darwinism as a world view has grown into a dominant secular force, claiming to explain origins and the meaning of life itself. Many people hold to its tenets because such a philosophy conveniently eliminates the requirement of submission to God’s rule.

Our hope is that through these meetings people will have their eyes opened to the assumptions and difficulties behind this world view; and that, as their own assumptions are shaken by compelling evidence of God’s awesome creation, they will listen afresh to the gospel of God concerning Jesus Christ.

This year the museum to Charles Darwin, Downe House, will be celebrating Darwin’s work. We will be celebrating the work of one infinitely greater; one by whose hand all things were created and have their being; one worthy of all glory and honour, to whom we will all answer one day.

Richard Peskett

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