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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 July, 2007 1 min read

EP appoints chief executive

Evangelical Press has appointed Graham Hilton, an elder at Whitby Evangelical Church, as its new chief executive.
EP chairman Robert Strivens said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Graham to this key position. Graham’s wide business experience and deep Christian commitment will help EP address the challenges of publishing quality Christian books, with good biblical teaching and from a reformed perspective.
‘The Christian publishing world is dominated by companies focused on making profit, often at the expense of biblical soundness. EP seeks to redirect company profits into mission work within Africa, Russia and other countries where the need for core Christian literature is at a premium’.
Graham Hilton said: ‘It is good to take up this role in the 40th year of EP. It will be a great challenge to bring readable, topical and helpful Christian literature into a culture that increasingly depends upon “sound bites” as its staple diet.
‘As we produce books and develop our strategies, we shall also grow in our ability to help Christians living in countries where buying and owning a book is way beyond their means’.
In the 40 years since 1967, EP has published over 15 million books, with over 800 different titles, in more than 50 languages to countries all over the world. Over the past year alone it has published 31 new titles (21 English, 5 French and 5 Russian).
The motto of EP – ‘Publishing with a mission’ – undergirds the fact that profits are directed towards mission work; at present, in France, Africa and Russia.

ET staff writer
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