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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 January, 2009 1 min read

Feral children?

Most of the public are scared of children, according to a survey. A third of people say our streets are ‘infested’ by young yobs and four in ten refer to children as ‘feral’.

A YouGov poll was conducted by children’s charity Barnardo’s. The survey showed some 54% of adults think children are beginning to behave like animals. Just under half (49%) said children are increasingly a danger to each other and adults; and four in ten (43%) said something needed to be done to protect the public from youngsters.

A third (35%) of people said it feels like the streets are infested with children and 45% agree that people refer to children as feral because they behave that way. Half (49 %) dismissed suggestions that children who get into trouble are misunderstood and in need of professional help.

Barnardo’s has launched a campaign urging the public to be more tolerant towards children. It has produced an internet advert to shock; featuring three men referring to some unknown pest as feral and vermin, before grabbing shotguns and taking to the streets, where it becomes apparent they are referring to gangs of children.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Martin Narey said, ‘These are not references to a small minority of children but represent the public view of all children. Despite the fact that most children are not troublesome there is still a perception that today’s young people are a more unruly, criminal lot than ever before’.

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