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Kevin Millard
01 January, 2008 1 min read

FIEL in Portugal

On 22-25 October Editora FIEL held its 7th annual conference, at the Baptist camp of Agua de Madeiros in Portugal. About 60 pastors, pastors’ wives, leaders and seminary students participated in the four day event. The theme was ‘The pastor and faith – seeing the invisible!’

Prof. Edgar Andrews from England gave four talks on the subject of faith – Abel and its nature; Noah and its work; Abraham and its comfort; and Moses and its power.

His lectures were wonderfully received and very encouraging to the hearers. A second speaker, Gilson Santos from Brazil, gave a series of messages challenging pastors to be men of the Word in their preaching and personal devotion to Christ. Pastor Santos stated, ‘If you are not spending time with the Lord, you cannot worship him and teach others to do the same … O that we would find pleasure in Christ and his word!’

The third speaker was Prof. Adauto Lourenço of Brazil, who gave two enlightening lectures concerning creation and evolution. He presented overwhelming biblical and scientific evidence that all things living and non-living were formed by an intelligent being – the Lord our God.

Many positive comments were received including: ‘Each message touched an area of my life and ministry. I want to thank you, brothers from Brazil, for your love and good will in helping us with the literature that you bring’; ‘Everything was wonderful. I don’t have words to express my contentment … I felt more filled with the Spirit. It was my first time to attend these conferences and if God gives me the strength, I plan to be in the next ones’.

A number of discounted books and DVDs of past FIEL Conference speakers (John MacArthur, John Piper and Ted Tripp) were sold. Those of us from Mission Evangelical Literature (MEL) and Editora FIEL give glory to God for his working in the lives of those who attended.

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