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Wilson Kamanga
01 April, 2008 1 min read

Kabwata Baptist Church

The work of mission from Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC) has been growing over the last few years, with eight missionaries now serving from the church, as well as two other missionaries being supported by sister churches.

Two mission stations without a full-time missionary are receiving oversight from KBC, while three more men are being considered to join this army in 2008. So, it was a fitting time to have our first in-house missions conference from 23-27 January to enable the church to see ‘at a glance’ what was going on and renew its commitment to the Great Commission. We had half our members present each day, except for Sunday when we had a full house.

The purpose of the conference was, first, that God would challenge Christians to respond to his missionary call; second, for missionaries to share what the Lord was doing through them; and, third, to enable church members to commit themselves in prayer and giving.

The conference preacher was Dr Charles Woodrow, an American medical missionary and church planter in Mozambique. His messages were excellent, dealing with the heart of missions. His sermon on the heart of the Father, based on the story of the Prodigal Son, was exceptionally challenging.

His other sermons were on the mindset and motive of mission; the missionary as a chosen instrument; discipleship; and the Woodrows’ testimony from their work in Mozambique.

Each day two different missionaries presented what was going on in their fields of labour. This was greatly appreciated. The ladies provided an excellent lunch on Sunday and supplied clothes from their homes for rural mission stations and the poorer townships of Lusaka. The library ministry donated books.

The missionaries were overwhelmed by the wonderful financial response from the church. We rejoice at the way the Lord moved his people to show their practical commitment. To God alone be the glory!

Wilson Kamanga

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