News – Opposition and encouragement in India

Pappy Daniel
01 July, 2007 1 min read

Opposition and encouragement in India

In recent months, anti-Christian terrorist groups in southern India have attacked a number of pastors and outreach workers and many believers. Churches have been damaged; and public address equipment and furniture at evangelistic meeting sites have been destroyed.

Two months ago a number of Assemblies of God pastors were physically attacked at Thrikkunnapuzha village, where a cottage meeting was being conducted.

A few weeks ago, a door to door witnessing team from the Light of Hope Mission suffered physical attacks near Oachira village and their literature stock taken away by force. Christian workers and pastors from Trivandrum report widespread persecution.

Despite this persecution many are hungry for the truth and there have been many professions of faith in Christ as a result of preaching and disseminating Christian literature. Over 3000 people were in attendance each night last December at Cheppad Village, in Alleppey District, where Suresh Babu preached and Samson Kottoor ministered in music. It is estimated that over 1500 people professed Christ as their personal Saviour through these meetings.

This is a predominantly Hindu area but there are signs of a spiritual awakening sweeping through the villages; attendance at Sunday meetings is continually increasing.

There has recently been a vacation Bible school at Cheppad, with many Hindu children attending, and a teenagers’ conference at Charal Mount with over 200 youngsters. Professor Andy McIntosh of Leeds University is expected here in January 2008 for Creation Science seminars.

Indian Christians and pastors are very much in need of your prayers.

Pappy Daniel

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