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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 July, 2008 1 min read

Outreach Calendars

Many churches ask, ‘How can we achieve our evangelistic aims and reach more people? How can we get God’s message into the heart of our community?’ Outreach Calendars help answer these questions by equipping churches with an affordable way to take God’s Word to people in their homes. These quality calendars offer a practical means to link the Word of God with people in their daily lives.

This ministry depends on the Holy Spirit to bless it. Monthly Bible verses are chosen for spiritual impact. As non-believers turn their calendar, there may be inspirational times when they suddenly realise, ‘This means something to me. I want to know more about it’.

Wanting to know more may even lead them to their local church. The key to this practical way of bringing God’s living word to people is local church distribution.

Outreach Calendars facilitate long term ministry by providing an annual evangelistic tool personalised with your church details, including your events diary. This ongoing evangelism establishes relationships with the wider community.

ET staff writer
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