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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 August, 2009 1 min read

Pilgrim Tabernacle conference

The sin of resentment, deliverance from depression, and ‘good things’, were the three subjects of the 4th Pilgrim Tabernacle ladies’ conference.

Held at Eldon Road Baptist Church in May, the one-day conference drew more than 60 ladies to hear spiritual messages and share fellowship.

Ruth Kay from Barnstaple spoke about the sin of resentment, with which many women struggle. Those present considered relationships within the church and family where there may be stress points leading to resentment, and looked at biblical examples of how God’s children have dealt with such issues.

Pilgrim Tabernacle’s Kim Sherwood gave a moving testimony of God’s grace and deliverance from depression. Having suffered from this for many years, Kim witnessed to the Lord’s goodness to her through it all. She described in a personal and honest manner some triggers for depression, how it feels, and how to help others going through it.

The final session of the day was taken by Shirley Hawkins of Wattisham, who spoke on ‘Good things’.

She took as her text Titus 2:3, namely that God alone is good and the author of all good things, so he alone must be glorified and his truth must be taught. Her challenge was – is it really our focus to please and serve the Lord?

This was described as a helpful and uplifting day, preparing those present to serve the Lord in their homes and churches. The sessions can be listened to on the web site.

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