News – Port Harcourt fire

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 February, 2011 1 min read

Port Harcourt fire

A severe fire has broken out at a church compound in Port Harcourt, Lagos, causing eight families who are members of the church to be displaced.

Pastor Ani Ekpo said, ‘My wife, Grace, and I came out and saw the fire burning everywhere. We took out what we could. I entered my office and prayed, “God, what can I remove from here? If I am serving you in this place, show mercy”.

‘I went upstairs and the fire was near our building. The heat was felt everywhere, our windows all gone and the wall had started coming down. I went to our water tank and took water and poured onto our generator roof, which connected the burnt area. Boys came to help take water from the tank to the roof of the church, breaking down the ceiling and pouring it onto the fire.

‘We called the emergency number and they told us the fire service was on the way but had been prevented by bad traffic. Thanks to God we were able to stop the fire just on the edge of the roof, losing the outer and immediate ceiling and all the windows, as well as the collapse of the fence.

‘Please pray as we are now having to feed many people who are now residing in the church building’.

ET staff writer
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