News – RC child abuse in Ireland

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 June, 2007 1 min read

RC child abuse in Ireland

Figures issued by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland revealed the extent to which priests in its Dublin archdiocese may have abused children since 1940. Allegations have been levelled against almost 150 priests and members of religious orders. Some 400 victims of abuse have already been identified.
The Dublin archdiocese, the largest in Ireland, is preparing to conduct an enquiry into how details of the abuses were handled by the church over the years. In particular, questions will be asked as to whether priests were moved from parish to parish to disguise their abuse, as occurred in Catholicism elsewhere in the world.
The greatest amount of abuse is thought to have taken place in children’s homes and orphanages run by priests and nuns. Fifteen thousand people have already applied for compensation for abuse suffered in them. Irish taxpayers are eventually expected to pay compensation approaching £500m.

ET staff writer
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