News – Reaching Sheffield’s international students

Cheonryong Jang
01 December, 2007 1 min read

Reaching Sheffield’s international students

Romeo Lorenzo writes:

From 24-28 September, Wycliffe Church in Sheffield launched an intensive programme of evangelism to reach international students at Sheffield’s two universities – who are studying such subjects as education, engineering and social sciences.

Wycliffe’s pastors invited three students from London Theological Seminary (LTS) to help distribute gospel leaflets and talk to students about the love of Christ and the way of salvation.The LTS team were Andrew Hill (team leader and a former RAF officer); Romeo Lorenzo (a pastor and university professor from the Philippines); and Cheonryong Jang (a pastor from South Korea).On Friday the team gave out gospel tracts and invitations to attend a musical evening at the church. About 150 students from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Africa and other countries attended. There were also some British young people and a young man from Northern Iraq who attended the Wednesday prayer meeting.Most were not Christians and came from diverse cultures and backgrounds. There was a meal and musical presentations, including singing and performances on the guitar, piano and violin. An LTS student spoke of how he became a Christian. Many of the international students expressed interest in the Christianity Explained course and in attending Wycliffe Church.

Cheonryong Jang writes:

I glorify God who let me see how a reformed church can have an effective zeal for evangelism.
Having met a large number of overseas students who had never heard the gospel, I felt a spiritual burden for them. Thankfully, God opened a spiritual door to reach them. Most were open-minded about the gospel and many responded to our invitations. I believe this could be a great first step for them towards faith in Christ.

At the international music evening, I was happy to meet some Chinese students, who listened carefully and seriously to my testimony to Jesus Christ. When I told them of God’s existence and how I had found the reason and purpose for my life in Christ, I could see it troubled them – I know very well as an Asian of similar culture that nobody has ever told them before about their Creator and his purpose for them.I pray God will lead them to salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ; through studying the Bible and hearing it preached at Wycliffe Church.

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