News – Reaching South Glasgow’s children

Paul Fishlock
01 October, 2007 1 min read

Reaching South Glasgow’s childrenA week of special children’s meetings entitled ‘The Jesus Files’ was held in August on the front lawn of South Glasgow Baptist Church.Our regular weekly meeting for these children is called ‘Investigators’. So each day a leader acted as chief investigator to interview people who had ‘witnessed’ chosen biblical occasions. Other leaders acted out the parts of witnesses (appropriate costumes having been hired). This added authenticity to the scenes and hopefully strengthened the message in the minds of the children. Much hard work had been put in over the preceding weeks, including writing scripts. The daily topics addressed these questions on Christ: Who was he? Why did he come? What did he do? Why did he die? What happens next? On day one – focussing on Jesus’ birth – the innkeeper, two shepherds and one of the wise men were interviewed. Day two used the conversion of Zacchaeus (Jesus came to save). Feeding the five thousand showed Jesus meeting people’s needs.Events at the crucifixion demonstrated salvation through his death. The Second Coming featured as the concluding important biblical event.Other church members served refreshments for parents and grandparents, engaged them in conversation and gave other help as needed. It was truly a ‘whole church’ event; it had also featured strongly in previous prayer meetings.Suitable literature was given out on the last day for children and parents, with each child receiving a prize based on attendance and point-scoring.                                                            Paul Fishlock

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