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01 May, 2008 1 min read

Reaching teenagers

As the UK enters what looks alarmingly like a new ‘Dark Age’ of biblical illiteracy and moral anarchy, perhaps the most vulnerable social group is that of teenagers. Yet how is the evangelical church to communicate the unchanging gospel to the ever-changing world of adolescent culture?

How can we begin to connect with a generation of young people, many of whom are rootless, without compromising the gospel in the process? Well, Sceptre International (home of Straight Talk TV) – a small, independent, evangelical media company based in Plymouth – has just launched a web site aimed at providing local churches nationwide with a useful, contemporary, yet gospel-faithful resource for the difficult task of teenage evangelism. is an ‘introductory’ site (at least two other sites aimed at adults are in the pipeline) dealing with key issues facing today’s teenagers. These include alcohol, relationships, sex, death, suicide (remember Bridgend?), debt and addiction.

The treatment of these themes is firmly rooted in biblical truth; and centres on the cross and conversion to Christ as the only meaningful solution to contemporary problems.

The web site is currently being translated into several foreign languages. We invite you to take a look in, and see how the site could be used by your church to commend the gospel to teenagers in your own community.

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