News – Reformed conference in Germany

Kurt Vetterli
01 May, 2008 1 min read

Reformed conference in Germany

We are thankful for another richly blessed conference – held in Basel in Switzerland. The Verax Institute was founded to study and disseminate Christian apologetics, and spread the Reformed faith in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland.

This year’s conference theme was ‘Planting and leading churches’. The speakers were: Pastor Andreas Vetterli – on the role of women in the church; German publisher (Betanien Verlag) Hans-Werner Deppe – on biblical evangelism; Sebastian Heck, hoping to plant a Reformed Presbyterian church in Heidelberg – on the significance of Confessions of Faith; Prof. Edgar Andrews – on preaching Christ; Dr Martin Erdmann, president of the Verax Institute – on Calvin’s fight for church discipline (in Geneva); and Pastor Kurt Vetterli – on church leadership. Also, Prof. Andrews preached on Sunday at the church where the conference was held.

We were delighted to mark the growing interest in the conference, with over 70 present compared to 50 last year. Those who attended included pastors, leaders of newly planted churches, people rejected by their former churches for espousing the doctrines of grace, and others hungry for truth in churches where Reformed doctrines are not preached.

The proposed theme for the 2009 Conference is ‘The doctrine of the Trinity’.

Kurt Vetterli

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