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Laurence Jones
01 October, 2010 1 min read

Scarborough outreach

For the second year running, in association with Ryedale Evangelical Church, the Grace Fellowship Bible study group has held a series of summer meetings in Scarborough.

The study group has been taking place in Scarborough since the beginning of 2007. Some of the group worship at Ryedale Evangelical Church, Pickering, and others at Whitby Evangelical Church.

This summer, Mick Lockwood (Haworth) took a series of six meetings on Sunday afternoons, based on Luke’s Gospel. Most days a literature table was set up near Marks and Spencer in the town centre; many conversations were held and a great deal of free Christian literature was given out.

Answers were also gathered to the question, ‘If you could ask God one question, what would it be?’ These questions were discussed on a Friday evening in a local café and a number of people contacted during the week attended these sessions.

Pastor William Horsburgh (Ryedale) said, ‘The six weeks of outreach have now passed. We had great encouragement out on the streets speaking with people, and lots of literature was given away.

‘The Friday night meetings saw five different individuals join us to hear answers to the questions posed by people in the town centre. One attended almost every week and the others less frequently.

‘The Sunday meetings saw some folk join us from the Brethren Assembly along with a man known to us, but no one new’.

It has been decided to continue the afternoon service on a Sunday and also the discussion evening, once a month, in the local café. We would value your prayers for this fledgling fellowship. After some prayerful discussion we decided to call the group ‘Grace Fellowship’ to reflect our trust in the God of grace who has brought us salvation.

Laurence Jones

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