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Mwaniki Wa-Gichia
01 June, 2007 1 min read

Singapore conference 2007

Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist), Singapore, recently held its fourth church leaders’ conference. Stuart Olyott was the main speaker. Speakers in previous years were Richard Belcher (2004), Martin Holdt (2005) and Conrad Mbewe (2006).
The subject on this occasion was ‘preaching’; the conference aim twofold – to equip church leaders to rightly handle the Word that glorifies God and edifies saints; and to call church leaders to the rich doctrines of grace. Those doctrines are sufficient to deal with every pastoral and church issue.
On average, 53 people, mainly church leaders, seminary staff and students, attended daily. They came from Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Australia, and belonged to Reformed Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Brethren, Bible Presbyterian and other Bible-believing churches.
There was a warm and friendly atmosphere and the hospitality of the host church was wonderful. Sadly, the father of Wei En Yi (Shalom’s pastor) passed away during the conference, but there was joy in knowing he had gone to be with the Lord.
There were eight seminars, one lecture, two sessions of discussion and questions, and one workshop. The conference themes were based on Stuart Olyott’s books Preaching pure and simple and Ministering like the Master. Stuart led the sessions in a way that was engaging, precise and humorous. He also handled questions very well. Wei En Yi gave a lecture on ‘I must sow the seed’.
Questions addressed in discussion included ‘What is the role of hermeneutics in exegetical accuracy?’; ‘Can a woman act as a translator for a man preaching in a language unknown to the congregation?’; and ‘How do we apply sermons appropriately to the congregation?’
This was a beneficial conference. The participants went away challenged and encouraged. Hopefully, the outcome will be an improvement in the quality of preaching in the churches.

Mwaniki Wa-Gichia

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