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Howard Bilton
01 August, 2008 1 min read

Tabor Baptist Church

On a glorious weekend in early June, Tabor Baptist Church, Llantrisant, celebrated Richard Wigham’s 25th anniversary as pastor.

More than a hundred family members and friends met to give thanks to God. During the service, one of the deacons asked why Tabor had survived, while four or five other nonconformist chapels in the area had closed. His suggested reasons lay in a sovereign God, loyal congregation, committed diaconate and, above all, a man set apart by God.

He spoke on the pastor’s humility, humour and faithfulness both to his calling and the Word of God. Richard’s wife, Pam, was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Stuart Olyott preached on 2 Thessalonians 3. His theme was ‘Pray for the man’. He spoke of times and seasons in the Scriptures and Welsh history when the work of God ran swiftly. However, such seasons are infrequent. But we were reminded that the Spirit raises the spiritually dead by the Word. Stuart ended with a rallying call to ‘pray for us [preachers]’.

On Sunday morning, the pastor preached from the Sermon on the Mount, after which the church shared in a fellowship lunch. Mr and Mrs Wigham were presented with gifts, including a special cake and book of photographs, taken over the last 25 years.

Howard Bilton

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