News – Taking action for women

Clare Myring
01 December, 2009 1 min read

Taking action for women

Release:women, the women’s ministry of Release International, held its third London Sharing Spiritual Treasures Conference for women on 24 October at St Michael’s Church, Chester Square.

Seventy-six women from different churches took part. Speakers shared stories of women from Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea and others around the world, who are persecuted for their Christian faith. They challenged those present to take action.

Clare Myring, Development Manager for Release International, which serves persecuted Christians in 30 countries, presented the new autobiography Song of the Nightingale by Helen Berhane, the Eritrean Gospel singer imprisoned for more than two years for her faith. In it, Helen says: ‘If I could sing in prison, imagine what you can do for God’s glory with your freedom’.

Emma Dipper, wife of Release International’s CEO Andy Dipper, invited delegates to consider the possibility of travelling overseas to meet and pray with their persecuted sisters, and many responded.

Delegates spent time in prayer, worship and fellowship. As one of the women present said: ‘It was an inspiring day – a wake-up call to pray more, to persevere in prayer and to provide where God cares and take action as appropriate’.

Clare Myring

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