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Tim O'Mahony
01 May, 2010 1 min read

The 21st century world

This title was the theme of this year’s Wessex Conference, attended by more than 100 believers from the south of England.

Pastor Jeremy Walker, from Maidenbower Baptist Church, spoke on ‘Should we relate to a 21st century world?’ The short answer was ‘Yes, but the real question should behow should we relate to a 21st century world?’

There are three wrong approaches – isolationism, inattention or emulation. Mr Walker commended holy separation and holy engagement, illustrated by Christian and Faithful in Vanity Fair, in Pilgrim’s progress. The pilgrims knew that to get to the
Celestial City they would, like their Saviour, have to pass through the fair (this world). Yet while there they took a righteous stand.

One survived, one was slain, and another (observing) was saved. Pastor Walker gave us ten helpful principles for pilgrimage.

Pastor Jonathan Stobbs, from Penzance, spoke on ‘The influential Christian life’, with particular reference to ‘do not love the world or the things in the world’ (1 John 2:15). He talked about the love that destroys, taking Demas as an example. Although Demas was at first a close friend of Paul, he succumbed to love for the world and spiritual adultery. Are we growing cold spiritually or drifting?

Mr Stobbs also talked of a love that is forbidden, when we start to live a life based only on this world; and a love that defines. To love the world is to not understand the gospel. The way to live for Christ is to be consumed with him. We must pray for help, live lives of repentance, and put sin to death through focusing on Christ and the life to come.

Both preachers were enabled to speak powerfully on the challenges and blessings for those who seek to walk with God. The messages are available at

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