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Roy Palframan
01 January, 2010 1 min read

The Lodge Trust

Hundreds of people gathered in Market Overton, Rutland, to give thanks to God for 25 years of the Lodge Trust.

The Lodge Trust is a registered charity, based in Rutland’s village of Market Overton, providing services for adults with learning disabilities. It was founded in May 1984 by Fred and Anne Hutton and now provides homes for 25 adults with learning difficulties.

It also has workshops, extensive grounds and attractive gardens. In 2008, the charity opened a 10-acre country park for the general public, with a café, holiday log cabins and a caravan site.

Exhibitions held at the country park site on the day showed the extent of the work of the charity in providing opportunities for the residents and other day people. Products made in the woodwork and craft workshops, and plants grown by the gardening team, are sold at events throughout the year and in the new shop/café.

Other work opportunities provided by the charity are in catering, laundry and cleaning. A range of training courses, accredited by the Open College Network, are available.

Roger Carswell spoke in the marquee to more than 300 people at the thanksgiving service and reminded those attending of the value of each individual to God. Preaching from Romans 16:23, he drew attention to the slave Quartus. He pointed out that to know the Lord Jesus is far better than any gifts, abilities or possessions we may have.

The present chief executive, Roy Palframan, is due to retire at the end of 2010 and it is a matter of prayer that a suitable replacement is found to lead the charity.

Roy Palframan

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