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ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 September, 2009 2 min read

The real Bible bashers

Online ‘Christian’ community web site, the Ship of Fools, has launched a project called ‘Textus Rejectus’, offering its readers the chance to take out bits of the Bible they do not like. Votes will be taken on the verses that most offend.

The current list of biblical passages that readers think should be expunged include Samson’s rampage against the Philistines, Ehud’s gory death (Judges 3:22) and Psalm 144.

Ship of Fools editor Simon Jenkins said: ‘The only people who seem to care about the Bible are rival gangs of fundamentalists – Christian and atheist – determined to beat it into the shape of their own prejudices’.

Ironically, Mr Jenkins believes atheists care more about God’s Word than supposedly Christian community sites like the Ship of Fools.

A further outrage to the Word of God came recently when a ‘Christian artist’ allowed visitors at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art to write themselves into the Bible.

Jane Clarke, who attends and ministers at the liberal Metropolitan Community Church, which has a specific outreach to homosexuals, said she intended people visiting the sexuality exhibit to write their dreams and own stories into the Bible so they did not feel ‘marginalised’ by religious society.


But, in a turn of events easily foreseen, vitriolic and obscene messages were scrawled across the sacred pages. Clarke then asked for the Bible to be put in a glass case to protect it from graffiti.

Culture and Sport Glasgow, a quango set up by Glasgow’s City Council, and the public body that funded the Bible graffiti debacle, will soon fund a deeply blasphemous play at the Glasgow Tron Theatre.

The play this November, entitled Jesus, queen of heaven, will portray Jesus as a transsexual and be part of ‘Glasgay’, an annual, publicly-funded gay arts festival. Critics say the play is proof of an agenda to use taxpayers’ money to fund assaults on Christian values.

Publicity material for the play shows the writer and lead performer – transsexual actor Jo (formerly John) Clifford – posing as Christ with crucifixion wounds and a halo. The theatre advert reads: ‘Jesus is a transsexual woman. And it is now she walks the earth. This is a play with music that presents her sayings, her miracles, and her testimony’.

Simon Calvert for the Christian Institute says: ‘If Glasgow’s council taxpayers were consulted, I doubt they would consider this was a good use of their money. What with this and the Bible defacing exhibit, you have to wonder what outrage Glasgow City Council has planned next’.

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