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Kerry Orchard
Kerry Orchard Kerry serves as an elder in Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff.
01 September, 2007 1 min read

The Spirit’s incentives

The Spirit’s incentives for bringing about revival was the theme of main speaker, Dr Joel Beeke of Grand Rapids, at the Revival Conference held from 14-20 July at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST).
Dr Beeke spoke most helpfully on ‘Being filled with the Holy Spirit’ (Acts 2:4) and ‘Incentives for revival’ – namely: prayer (Romans 8:26), worship (1 John 4:8, 16), providence (Psalm 31:1-15), surrender (John 8:4-13), understanding (Matthew 27:46), wrestling (Romans 7:22-25), cherishing (Matthew 16: 18), heaven (Revelation 19:8; 21:23) and witnessing (Revelation 2:13).
Yes, revival is in the hands of our sovereign God, but are we in earnest in exercising these means of grace? Needless to say, we hearers were greatly affected; and motivated to run to Christ for help to live transformed lives before a needy world.
Other speakers complemented this theme. Wyn Hughes (Cardiff) underlined it in a sermon from Luke 3:1-18: ‘Preparing the way of the Lord’. Gwynn Williams (Cardiff) gave five addresses on Joshua. David James-Morse (Cardiff) expounded Psalm 18.
Gwyn Davies (Aberyst­­wyth) led a visit to nearby Llangan, the scene of the remarkable ministry of the little known David Jones. David Jones enjoyed no less than five seasons of revival in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
This was the ninth consecutive Revival Conference and one of the most blessed. Joel Beeke described it as one of the best conferences of its kind. Our main speaker planned for 6-12 July 2008 is Brian Edwards (Surrey). Further information, including ordering conference CDs, from 01656 645411 or

Kerry Orchard

Kerry Orchard
Kerry serves as an elder in Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff.
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