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01 July, 2009 1 min read

Tyndale House conferences

Churches in the UK are being helped to counter challenges to orthodox beliefs with a new series of one-day seminars.

Cambridge-based theological research centre Tyndale House is putting together the seminars to resource the church against post-modernist, secularist and atheist attitudes.

The aim is to give the church and Christians the grounding they need to defend their core beliefs, such as the reliability of the Bible.

The first event, held in June at Westminster Chapel, London, was entitled ‘Bible and Church Conference’. Organisers said they wanted ‘to provide Christians with reliable scholarly evidence in support of the historical basis of the faith and to equip Christians to share that faith with confidence’.

In addition to a question-time with a panel of experts, a roster of renowned theological scholars such as Dr Peter Williams, warden at Tyndale House and an acknowledged expert in the study of ancient languages related to the Bible, spoke at the conference.

Talking about the launch of the conferences, Dr Williams said: ‘Society is being bombarded with misinformation about the Bible. When these wild claims are made in the media and by members of the public, most Christians do not know how to respond. Some even find their faith shaken’.

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