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ET staff writer
01 October, 2010 1 min read

Tyndale House

There’s a lot going on at Tyndale House. A new DVD for home groups has been launched, based on the Bible and Church ‘Authentic Gospels’ day conference at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate.

Three of the team members are involved in producing a new NIV Bible, due out in 2011, while the ESV translation team also met at Tyndale House in July for a five-day conference.

There’s also much work going on in non-English Bible translations. Wycliffe Bible Translators brought groups of African doctoral students to Tyndale House several times for short periods of intensive library research.

There were many other nationalities visiting Tyndale House this summer. The multi-national Tyndale Fellowship (TF) Conference saw 150 delegates come from the UK, Germany, US, Australia, South Korea, Italy, Israel, Austria, New Zealand, Belgium and Sweden to TF study groups this July.

Many TF members work in universities where there are no other evangelical scholars and the groups provide an important and unique opportunity to engage in scholarly discourse with like-minded believers.

This month (23 October), Rev. Mike Ovey, principal of Oak Hill College, will be running a one-day conference on ‘Open theism’, asking whether God does control everything that takes place in the world, and whether he is open to influence through prayers. Dr Ovey will be asking the tough question – does God ‘ordain’ or merely ‘permit’?

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