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Ray Ambrose
01 September, 2009 1 min read

Uxbridge Road induction

Saturday 18 July was a joyful day, when more than 200 friends joined members of Uxbridge Road Tabernacle to celebrate the induction of their new pastor Jeffrey Avery.

Two former pastors of Uxbridge, Francis Harris and Richard Mayhew, took part in the service. The church secretary recounted the sequence of events leading to Jeffrey’s introduction to the church, and the like-mindedness in the gospel between him and the church. The church was unanimous in issuing a call to Mr Avery to become its pastor.

There had been an interregnum of only 21 months and, during that time, the membership had shown a spirit of unity and God had graciously sent faithful men to fill the pulpit.

Jeffrey responded with details of his conversion and experience in the Lord’s service. He said he had also felt a unity with the people at Uxbridge Road Tabernacle on his visits, and became convinced of the Lord’s call to the pastorate there.

Pastor Harris reminded the assembly of God’s providence in the church’s history. In its 118-year existence it had been without a pastor for a total of only five years. God had bestowed upon it six pastors; the first three are in glory, and the other three were at the induction.

Pastor Harris spoke from Hebrews 13:17 of the esteem that a local church should have for its pastor, and the reasons for this. He said: ‘Jeffrey has been appointed by God, and has a responsibility to watch for your souls, because he has to give an account of his stewardship. The Good Shepherd sent him to be the “shepherd of your souls”.’

Pastor Michael Harley gave the charge to the pastor from Luke 12:35-48, likening the role of pastor to a faithful and wise steward, who had access to things which he did not own.

The new pastor was urged to exercise faithfully the ministry God had entrusted to him, with a desire that the Lord pour out his blessing to God’s glory. It was a time of praise and thanksgiving, followed by sweet fellowship (aided by sumptuous refreshments).

Ray Ambrose

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