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New Tribes Mission
01 January, 2009 1 min read

Waiting to hear

Ekapitaa, a village leader from an unreached area two to three days hike away, sent this message to New Tribes missionaries working with the Dao people in Indonesia: ‘Please tell Scott that we want to hear this Creator’s talk.

‘We want it so much that we are waiting for the time that you, along with the Dao Bible teachers, will bring it to us. When the time comes that you are ready to tell us of the Creator’s message, just send us word and we will come.

‘We will gather every-body from our area. We will all hike the trails all the way down to where you are and we will live in your area for as long as two moons [months]. We will do this all just so that we can hear the Creator’s message.

‘If you would rather hike to our territory and tell us in our own houses, we will wait for you here. When you come we will provide everything you need including food so that you can live among us. We will provide for you so that you can stay and we can finally hear this big message.

‘We want to hear this message and we even now wait for the day you can teach it to us. These are the words of Ekapitaa’.

New Tribes Mission

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