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Peter Beale
01 August, 2007 1 min read

World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship (WECF)

‘God’s glory – our purpose’ was the theme of the WECF’s eighth triennial conference, held at the end of May at Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire.
At this inspiring gathering, attended by 140 Evangelical Congregationalists from around the world, the WECF celebrated its 21st birthday.
Every continent except Antarctica was represented, with delegates from the USA, Canada, Brazil, India, South Africa, Philippines, Micronesia, Australia, and (within Europe) Macedonia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Slovakia; as well as our hosts – the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches UK and Congregational Union of Ireland.
It was a delight to be part of such a fellowship and share in the joys, encouragements and concerns of brothers and sisters from so many parts of the world. We were only slightly hindered by language difficulties, which did have their humorous side. One sister by her gestures turned out to be indicating her pleasure at being present rather than a headache and need for paracetamol!
The main ministry, on ‘Mission that glorifies God’ (Matthew 10), was helpfully given by Dr William Philip of St George’s Tron, Church of Scotland, Glasgow. Other messages, taking up the conference theme, were from Mike Plant and Neil Stewart (UK), and Barry Jones and Steve Gammon (USA).
The conference saw the retirement of David Saunders as secretary. His contribution to the work of the WECF since its inception and his encouragement of Evangelical Congregationalists in every part of the world (latterly in the face of severe illness) have been phenomenal.

Peter Beale

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