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April 2008 | by Irving Steggles



An Evangelical Press African pastors’ conference was held in Bulawayo in December. The aim of such conferences is the establishment of faithful, biblical churches, with Spirit-anointed, expository preaching as the norm.

     The three-day conference was for pastors from Bulawayo; about 50 attended from a variety of churches. God was gracious in confirming the relevance of the two conference themes – ‘The pastor and his domestic competence’ and ‘Establishing healthy and biblical churches’.

     African culture promotes a concept of family very different from the Bible’s teaching. Ronald Kalifungwa, pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church in Zambia, addressed the differences with clarity and power.

     The second theme was taken up by Laban Mwashekele, pastor of Monte Christo Baptist Church in Windhoek, Namibia. Much that Laban expounded from Scripture was a surprise to some of the pastors, but stimulated interest and a desire to learn.

     The present crisis in Zimbabwe is binding Christians together as they share all things in common and seize the opportunity to witness to unbelievers.

     Viktor Nakah, President of the Theological College of Zimbabwe, in his conference sermon affirmed that everything in Zimbabwe 2008 is God working out his purposes for the good of his people and the advance of the gospel. But Christians in Zimbabwe must take to heart those lessons God is teaching them.

     Great relief and delight were experienced when we learned that the EP, Banner of Truth, Day One and IVP books had arrived the day the conference began. Five substantial books were given to each attendee. Further information:

Irving Steggles

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