Now I am trusting Christ

Now I am trusting Christ
Philip Hulland
01 December, 1998 1 min read

I have godly parents who have taught me the Scriptures from an early age, sent me to Sunday school, and taken me to two services in the local chapel at Stanton Lees every Sunday. I am fourteen years old and enjoy life to the full. But, until recently, I never really thought about my own eternal future. I always presumed that I was going to heaven. This was because I had Christian parents, went to church and did not do some of the things that other children did (though I had heard it preached many times that all this would not save me).

As I got older, I began to think what would happen to me after death. I got to the stage when, nearly all the time, I was being reminded by the Holy Spirit about my sins, and where I would end up in eternity. Each sermon seemed personally directed at me and my sinfulness. I could not escape from thinking about my lost condition.

By February this year I was so convinced of my sins that I knew I had to come to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. I knew only he could save me from my sinful and unrighteous state. During this period one of the elders in our church preached on the text, ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God’, and then in the evening, during the pastor’s preaching, I broke down in tears of repentance. I came to the Saviour praying for mercy and forgiveness. I asked the Lord to save me and to come into my life. Now I am trusting in Christ and in his promise that ‘whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life’.

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