Trevor Baker (1950–2023)

Trevor Baker (1950–2023)
Trevor Baker
Paul Davies Director of Albanian Evangelical Mission.
18 September, 2023 1 min read

Trevor Baker, Church Liaison Officer for Albanian Evangelical Mission, has died aged 72.

Trevor served with AEM for 25 years, ostensibly as CLO, but truly he did so much more. The importance of his ministry is recognised to best effect in the love and respect of the many who came to know him as a dear friend, pastor (in the broadest sense), and mentor.

Lenci Mene shared the following thoughts of Trevor at his funeral: ‘An Albanian friend recently remarked, “We won’t encounter another Trevor in our lifetime.” It takes a unique person to earn this level of respect in an Albanian’s mind, but it’s a sentiment shared by many Albanian friends who knew him.

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