Out of the shadows

Julia Milner
01 November, 2011 1 min read

Out of the shadows

Faith Cook, EP Books, 160 pages, £6.99, ISBN: 978-0-852-34749-2

If you enjoyed Stars in God’s sky, or any of Faith Cook’s other books featuring stories of ordinary people of extraordinary faith, this book will not disappoint.

Most of the names of the nine biographies may be unfamiliar to many of us, but their situations are not. Each life described here offers hope, challenge and encouragement.

The men and women of faith described had experiences common to our own or those we know about — a teenager who made a profession of faith but swiftly departed from it; a woman who lives for this world and takes no thought of God; a man involved in politics, who seeks to uphold the name of God within a godless government.

Out of the shadows is a book where some believe in the eternal truths from a very young age and hold fast to their faith right to the end. It’s about God using the ill and weak for his purpose and glory, taking a jar of clay and turning it into something beautiful in his eyes.

Mrs Cook also ventures beyond our English-speaking boundaries to explore the life of an Icelandic national poet who had his life transformed by Christ. Finally, she concludes with a lovingly written biography of a missionary and friend, that takes on a different tone as personal memories are mixed with the biography.

This would make an excellent holiday book or gift. It will add to the gallery of heroes of faith who have gone before us and continue to encourage us to the end.

Julia Milner,Northampton

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