Pastorals for Pastors: A reading plan with notes for Christian ministers

Pastorals for Pastors: A reading plan with notes for Christian ministers
Jeff Haskins
25 October, 2021 1 min read

Every pastor should get a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed. However, other people such as seminary students may also benefit from it; or perhaps someone reading through Paul’s pastoral letters could get this book and read it alongside the Bible.

The book suggests following its reading plan for 30 days and then starting over again. By doing this you would read through the pastoral letters twelve times a year.

Gary Brady writes with clarity and simplicity. I particularly like the way the biblical text is explained with lists and numbering. It means that his thoughts are easy to follow, and it also allows the reader to appreciate the biblical text. The book probably falls into the category of ‘devotional commentary’, but there is much more to glean.

Brady has incorporated many years of pastoral experience into the notes. There are stories to learn from, which preachers could also use as illustrations. The application of the text is very challenging and should stir the reader to take up that challenge. Other notes help shed light on biblical terms and phrases, even those we have become accustomed to.

People might be disappointed that the Bible passage is not included in the sections, but it is woven into the commentary. Perhaps it is better that way, so that the reader has their Bible next to them when reading the book.

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