Penicuik Baptist Church

Barry Garth
01 August, 2012 1 min read

Penicuik Baptist Church

The members of Penicuik Baptist Church were greatly encouraged to see a full church when we celebrated our 40th anniversary on the weekend of 19-20 May. The guest speaker was Dr Sandy Roger.
   Everyone was welcomed by the elder, Barry Garth, who gave a short history of the church. The work was started in the early 1970s by American missionaries Steve and Janice Worth. In 1972 we constituted as a church and after a number of years, the church adopted the Reformed faith. Steve Worth was pastor for 35 years until 2007, when he left to carry on the Lord’s work in Blackpool.
   The church met in several venues until 1980, when we acquired a building of our own in Penicuik. In 1996 the church opened a bookshop, which has been a means of making contact with the people of Penicuik.
   The church has been without a pastor for five years and is actively seeking a man to fill the vacancy. Our goal is to reach the people of Penicuik with the gospel. Like Paul, we ‘determine not to know anything … except Jesus Christ and him crucified’.
   This anniversary was a time to thank God for his faithfulness, mercy and grace over the past 40 years. We go forward with confidence in an almighty and unchanging God.
   We were exhorted to pray for one another. John Dickinson, one of our deacons, then led the congregation in prayer and thanksgiving.
   The weekend was blessed with expositions by Sandy Roger of Galatians 1:15-17. These reminded us that salvation is in Christ, and in Christ alone. Many challenges were given and we were reminded that becoming a Christian is a matter of divine revelation.
   We heard how Christ was revealed to Paul, and in and through him. The purpose of God’s electing love is that, through his people’s lives, Christ may be seen.
   Finally we considered Paul’s Arabia experience. Paul didn’t consult with any man immediately after his conversion, but was alone with God, who left his mark on him. We were reminded that before God can use us, he needs to mark us out.
Barry Garth

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