People in the Passion of Jesus

People in the Passion of Jesus
People in the Passion of Jesus
Malcolm Evans
01 September, 2007 1 min read

This book is short, very readable, helpful and stimulating. It is written for both believers and unbelievers. The purpose for believers is to say, ‘Look at this! Such a Saviour! Such a cost! Do you not want to do better in serving him?’And to say to unbelievers, ‘Look at what Jesus did for sinners. Does this not win your heart?’ In particular it is very suitable for those unbelievers who have seen or know about Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ.The book looks at thirteen people or groups of people involved in the events of Christ’s passion, one in each chapter. Starting with Satan and ending with Jesus, it covers Caiaphas, Mary of Bethany, Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter, Pilate, Barabbas, those along the way, those around the cross, those on the outer crosses, John, Mary, the Roman soldiers and the centurion.Roger Ellsworth brings out many interesting points on areas of the passion that perhaps you have not considered in detail. While short, the book is biblical, thought provoking and of immense benefit. I recommend it highly both for Christians and as an evangelistic tool also.

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