Planted by the Providence of God

Planted by the Providence of God
John Rubens John currently serves as an elder in Penzance Baptist Church.
16 April, 2024 1 min read

Authors: Keith Underhill
Publisher: Broken Wharf
528 pages
Purchase from: Broken Wharfe (£16.75)

This large but very readable book details the providence of God in the planting and establishing of Reformed Baptist Churches in Kenya. Retiring back to the UK in 2015, the author, Keith Underhill, provides a fascinating autobiography of the establishment of Trinity Baptist Church in Nairobi and the many church plants that emanated from TBC. 

It is an honest record of one missionary’s labours over some 40 years under the hand of God. It tells of the successes, but also the struggles, problems, setbacks, opposition, and disappointments that come with church planting. 

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